ABOUT darya
Owner of the studio
Darya Stepchina

Hi there! I’m Darya! I’ve always dreamed to become a surgeon and save people’s lives. Being an immigrant wasn’t easy to pursue all the dreams I had, but I found an alternative that had become my passion and still remains so for almost 20 years. Being a licensed massage therapist, along the way, I realized what potential this occupation meant and what impact it had on my clients. I worked out unique techniques and never stopped learning and practicing. From Thai, deep tissue and relaxation to cupping and sports… the range is wide. I used to go to clients homes and at the same time my second home was at Wells Fargo Wings Lacrosse Team. I opened my own studio to move on independently and it worked out very well. Our clients are our friends for years!

Welcome to Darya’s Muscle Work and Body Therapy!

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